March 9 horoscope 2020 virgo

Virgo 2020

During the middle of the year, you can put your money in religious deeds. During this time, there are also chances of long-distance trips with your friends.

2020 Virgo Horoscope

You'll enjoy a good economic state in the months of November and December. This year there will be a continuous inflow of cash. The year looks auspicious because it matters about your money. An unstable body cannot be a happy mind home. Stay physically and mentally agile if you want to achieve your goals. During this year, your health can decline in the month of January due to your Lagna Lord's affliction.

The health of your father may become the reason for visiting doctors during the month of February. The health indicators are not good. You have to pay attention to your wellbeing during the initial months of the year. Regarding health issues, the rest of the year is fine.

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Your belief in yoga and meditation can save you, keep on exercising, from a lot of health problems. There is no indication this year of any major disease. It seems that the year is fantastic for your wellbeing. This year, people from Virgo should expect good career outcomes and related fields. Apparently, Rahu will remain throughout the year in your 10th house.

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For your career perspective, it would be auspicious. In your current salary, you can change your work and bag a hike. Throughout the year you will also earn name and fame.

2020 Virgo Yearly Horoscope – Career and Business

There are chances to travel abroad for business purposes after September. You're likely to get desired results during March-May. During this time, you can attain some authoritative role. Your seniors and officials will provide support and assistance.

During this time, your lord Mercury will pass through various signs and houses. When transiting in any sign or building, it wouldn't have much effect on you. Your luck is going to benefit you nearly all year round. The planet Saturn would always aspect your house, which this year would benefit you.

On the front line of your career, you must grow slowly. It's going to grow if you have your own company. When you learn to grow your market, you will become a better professional yourself. You can even start a new company for business. For the same thing, it will be an auspicious year. After March 30 you can expect profits and good income from your company.

It'll be successful.

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The year will be great for you when it comes to job problems. According to Virgo predictions, Virgo sign students should achieve good grades. With competitive examinations, this year is fantastic. You will get the desired results particularly in the months of March-May. All through the year, your luck will be in your favor. Your lord Venus will almost stay in favorable buildings, meaning fortune is going to be in your favor.

You may get results from your previous hard work this year. The time for students after March 30, as they may develop a special interest in studies, is crucial. Because Rahu sits in the 10th house and looks at your 6th house as well. It would help you to achieve your desired goal.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

You may also be involved in various areas of research such as the paranormal and mystical universe. By Sunday 8th you call the shots again and someone is around to help you celebrate. The Virgo Full Moon on Wednesday 1th is your peak moment for energy, fun and profit and it finds you in trouble-shooting mode. Saturn, planet of ambition, sees you achieving amazing things but it takes its toll on your physical powers.

Virgo Horoscope |

You feel tired and worn-out with reality, and need a rainbow to head towards. Chin up! Pacing yourself with rest and massages is vital, and having a touch of the left-field and offbeat is a positive tonic. Your mojo soon returns and the positive comparison is truly uplifting.

You appreciate people with wit and sparkle mid-month and a romantic departure is nearer than you think. A touch of human drama suits your Libran style and you unravel mysteries in your closest affairs. Someone from the past calls unexpectedly and gives you new choices. If partners are acting out of character, then take the chance to look around for a new model.

A touch of kismet works in your affairs; a full-circle feeling that always has the final word. The upshot is that you are well-off in your existing situation but you look at your partner through new eyes.

Make the most of the expansive feeling surrounding you, and look actively into your myriad career and travel options. Jupiter, planet of joy, stretches your sense of the possible but Libran couch-potatoes yes will miss the moment. The New Moon on Thursday 26th is a romantic revelation when someone who understands is worth their place in your team. You are open to change and welcome taking a few more career chances. Of all signs, you are best placed to take advantage of the revolutionary energy of the time — the challenge between the old and new ways of getting things done.

Uranus, planet of sudden change, sits beautifully and lets you introduce a radical new image in gentle and graceful fashion.

Instead of settling for the regular route in work and love, aim for something quirkier and closer to your heart. You know you are worth it. Your thinking is sharp between the 10th and 26th when decisions and communication of all kinds goes smoothly. Trust yourself at this point and even jot some of your brilliant schemes down to peruse later on. Restless desires remain around your home and you demand to travel on a whim. The balance between where you live and where you work still tops your agenda and you would like to have the issue settled.


You have consistently proved yourself Employee of the Week but still you are not satisfied. Security becomes important, as well as freedom, which is the regular Sagittarian holy of holies.

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In view of developments in your career, financial choices must be made that are related to your marriage, business partner or permanent partner. Virgo Horoscope predicts that married couples will be blessed with happiness and love galore this year. This is a good time period for thoseof you who are working in poilitics. Tests can come to work and working relationships during this cycle. Casual encounters become friendships.

Charm is on your side, as Venus, planet of love turns backwards, and you welcome a new challenge in your affairs.